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Before you can catch a carp you have to first know if you have a bite on the end of your line and the best way to tell if you do is with a good bite alarm. There are many bite alarms to choose from and the difference in price and quality varies making finding the best bite alarms for your fishing needs a tricky task.

In this guide we will be sharing all the information you need to know for choosing the right one for your carp fishing. In our bite alarm reviews we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top choices currently available to buy. So, if you are looking for a cheap budget option or the best that money can buy we have you covered.

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Top 10 Best Bite Alarms

Sonik SKS Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set

The Sonik SKS bite alarm set offers premium quality of a top of the range alarm at an affordable and very competitive price. This three alarm and receiver set has all the features and technology that make it one of the most highly desirable fishing alarms on the market.

The ultra modern design is lightweight, compact and unlike some alarms it is 100% waterproof.

Instead of the standard roller that you get with most models it features a diamond shaped roller which has a very positive impact on how the line sits.

In terms of letting you know when you have a bite you have a choice of either an adjustable audio signal or you can use the light only mode. Each alarm comes with a different coloured LED light these are red, blue and whit. The light mode is perfect for night fishing as it makes it easy to distinguish which rod has the bite than an audio signal.

Another handy feature is the low battery warning. Although we recommend checking the batteries before you leave home it is a very useful feature to have. Talking of batteries you will have to buy some as they aren’t included.

With every purchase there is a free carry case to keep them in perfect condition and stop them getting damaged. in addition Sonik have also been kind enough to chuck in a free bivvy light that actually changes colour when you have a bite.

To sum up the Sonik SKS bite alarm set delivers premium quality with all the best features at a great price a truly great piece of kit for anyone that is serious about carp fishing.

New Direction Tackle Bluetooth Bite alarm set

New Direction have come up with a truly unique modern bite alarm that utilises a mobile App and allows you to control volume, sensitivity and tone from the comfort of your bivvy. These can all be controled with the receiver as well but the App is great for keeping you busy.

What we really like about them is that they come with built-in batteries that can be recharged via a USB cable leading to great savings on not having to buy disposable batteries.

In terms of the alarms features they are some of the most sensitive alarms currenly available. There are 8 sensitivity settings with the lowest been 0.5cm. They feature a high-quality cone speaker that has a volume range of between 0 to 100 decibels. There is the option to change the colour of the LED on each alarm and set the receiver to match with a choice of 5 colours. They also have a working range of up to 150 meters which is outstanding.

Another positive feature is that let you know the direction and how far the line has been taken during a take.

These might be a bit too technical for some but they are a great piece of kit with some top quality features.

JRC Radar Cx Bite Alarm Set 3+1

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Made in the UK the JRC Cx Bite alarms are the least affordable in our top list but they do have some extremely good features. What sets them apart is the “travelling” LED signal, this is indicated with lights that travel backwards if a drop back is sensed and forwards if a run is sensed. This is in my opinion the main selling point of these alarms and a feature that you don’t get with many alarm sets.

As you may expect they are 100%  waterproof and made to a high standard out of top quality materials. They feature adjustable volume, sensitivity and tone and a dynamic speaker with digital amplifier for superior sound quality. The overall range is 100m plus which should be more than adequate.

Like any alarm made by a top brand there is a carry case included with the purchase. You will need to buy batteries though each alarm takes 3AAA and the receiver requires a 9v battery.

With excellent feedback from previous buyers these are without doubt top quality bite alarms with a price tag to match.

Hirisi Tackle® Wireless Fishing Bite alarm

Hirisi Tackle® Wireless Fishing Bite alarm

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Hirisi Tackle are a brand that offer the perfect mix of affordability and quality. If you are looking to buy a good set of fishing bite alarms that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg then look no further.

For around £50 you get four good quality waterproof alarms and a receiver that has a very impressive working range of up to 150m. Each alarm has a choice of four different colour LED lights as does the receiver. The receiver has the option of vibration or audio alert for when you have a bite.

There is also a latch light on the receiver that stays illuminated for 20 seconds after any activity just in case you miss the vibration or audio signal.

Operated by push buttons and with four settings for volume, tone and sensitivity. Each alarm requires a 9v battery to operate and the receiver requires 3AAA batteries.

Offering extremely good value for money these are definitely worth considering.

Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms

lixada fishing bite alarms

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Lixada are by no means the biggest fishing gear brand but they do know how to make some great products at a price that is hard to ignore. Their bite alarm sets come in a choice of either 2, 3, 4 or 6 alarms each with a receiver.

The main features include adjustable sensitivity, volume and tone. What we really like about these super affordable fishing bite alarms though is that they come with a drop back, speed and direction indicators. Each alarm features a fixed bolt with an adjustable screw and extra plug for an illuminated swinger.

The receiver has a vibration alert as well as audio alert and a working range of 100 metres. In addition there is a choice of 6 different colours to choose from with the LED’s. Finally there is 20 second latching helping to ensure you never miss a bite.

All in all these are some great alarms with top quality features at an affordable price.

Mounchain Fishing Bite Alarm Set 3 + 1

Mounchain Fishing Bite Alarm Set 3 + 1

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Mounchain are a well-established brand recognised for providing a wide range of fishing gear. The Mounchain bite alarms are a perfect representation of the brands high-quality products that come in at a very reasonable price.

This 3 alarm set and receiver costs about £50 and is best suited for those that don’t want to break the bank on a set of bite alarms. They feature fully adjustable sensitivity, tone and volume and have a bite speed feature that is indicated with 3 colour LED’s.

The working distance of 130 meters is on par with more expensive alarms and is another positive feature. They also come with a 2.5mm socket for use with additional equipment. They come with a zip up carry case for storage and protection.

Simple to both set up  and use they come highly recommended for those that aren’t too tech savvy.

NGT Carp Fishing 2pc Wireless Alarm and Transmitter Set

If you have only recently taken up fishing as a hobby then you may be a bit apprehensive about spending too much on your gear, trust me that changes with time. If this is you then you should check out this alarm set by NGT

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First off these bite alarms are great for the price, the distance is good and they work well in all weathers. The range of 200 metres is far beyond what you would expect to get for fishing alarms as affordable as this. Although you can’t adjust the sensitivity they are sensitive enough to pick up a bite from roach.

The customer reviews speak for themselves and with very positive reviews from previous buyers it seems you can’t go wrong with them.



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If it’s a simple and basic bite alarm that you are looking for then the VX1 should be at the top of your list. This very affordable model doesn’t have a lot of the technology that you have seen with many of the models in our top list, but it does the job it is supposed to do.

The simple design has  means it only adjustable tone and volume, but lacks the ability to adjust the sensitivity. There are two LED’s to let you know when you have a bite and that is pretty much all there is to the VX1.

If it’s a no nonsense bite alary that is effective and affordable that you are after then this is the one. For a few pound extra you can get the new and improved VX2 which is slightly better.

Bite Alarm Buying Guide

How many bite alarms do you need? – the answer to this question depends on how many rods you use while fishing. You can buy single alarms but many come in sets of two’s and three’s. Even if you do only intend to use one rod it makes sense to buy a set as the more affordable bite alarms can break quite easily, especiaaly if they are submerged in the water for too long.

Waterproof – although many product descriptions will advertise their bite alarms as being waterproof this isn’t always necessarily true. In many instances when they say waterproof they mean that they can withstand heavy rain and not actually been submerged in water. Top of the range models do however have a waterproof casing and some are actually waterproof. That been said, I would still be careful to not allow them to be submerged in water and advise you read the produt description and customer reviews very carefully before buying.

Battery life – most fishing alarms use AAA batteries and these tend to last a long time. It is worthe mentioning that you will very rarely get the batteries included so do make sure you purchase some.

Sensitivity –

Working range – this refers to how far away you can be from the alarms for the receiver to pick up a bite. A good amount is 100 metres b

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