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Carp fishing is a hobby that requires a lot of gear and carrying it from your car to the bank can be a tedious and time consuming task. This is especially true if the lake you are fishing at is some distance from your vehicle.

In addition to wasting precious fishing time carrying all of your gear can also play havoc with your back. With all the above in mind it makes sense to invest in a good fishing barrow to help you transport all of your fishing gear in a single journey.

There are many carp barrows to choose from with some top quality models by well-known brands and plenty of budget ones made by the lesser known brands.

Which is the best carp barrow? This depends on a number of factors, before we get in to that subject let us first take a look at what you should be looking for when choosing a good carp barrow.

What To Look For When Choosing A Carp Fishing Barrow

Before choosing a carp fishing barrow for transporting your gear it is worth thinking about the following factors. Knowing the answers to these points will make it far more likely that you find the right barrow for your needs and budget.

1,2 or 3 Wheels

Fishing barrows can come with one, two or even three wheels. The amount you go for is usually a matter of personal preference. However, it is worth noting that the models with 3 wheels are far more stable than the ones that only have a single wheel.

On the other hand a single wheel barrow is much better than one with two wheels for traversing very narrow paths.

Before deciding how many wheels to go with you should really think about the journey to your most frequently visited fishing spot and which type would be best for the terrain.

Will It Accommodate All Your Tackle

With the main purpose of a fishing barrow being to save you time from travelling back and forth from your vehicle, you definitely want to make sure that is can fit all of your gear on to it. Many models have under storage compartments that allow you to carry your smaller fishing gear items in and these are something you should be looking out for.

If you really don’t have that much tackle then you may want to invest in a fishing trolley instead of a barrow.

How Big Is It and Is It Foldable

Always check the dimensions before buying as it is no good buying a barrow if you can’t even fit it in your vehicle. There are foldable fishing barrows and for those with limited space in their vehicle I would highly recommend them.


For many this is the deciding factor when buying fishing gear. A typical fishing wheel barrow will cost anything between £50 and £150. There are plenty of affordable models available but as you may expect they aren’t as well made as the more expensive ones. That been said there are some good qualioty budget models and as well as the best carp barrows you can find a a few of these in my top review section.

Best Carp Barrow

Leeda Specimen Barrow

Leeda Specimen Barrow

The Leeda Carp Barrow is a very popular yet affordable option that is compact in design. It packs down to the point where it takes up little room while being transported and is very easy to assemble when you have reached your destination.

The single wheel design means it is manoeuvrable on all types of ground. Personally, I think the wheel would be better if it was a little larger as this tends to help with stability.

The steel frame is very robust and overall the frame is fairly wide meaning you can fit a lot of tackle on it.

For the price this is a great buy and if you don’t mind the fact there are no side bars I would recommend it.

Leeda Specimen Barrow
  • The Leda Specimen barrow packs down flat, taking up little room whilst being transported and only...
  • Strong, steel construction
  • 2559.0
  • 3220.0
  • 677.0

TF Gear Juggernaut Folding Carp Fishing Barrow

TF Gear Juggernaut Folding Carp Fishing Barrow

The Juggernaut by TF gear is well-known for its durability and stability. With three wheels it is perfect for traversing difficult terrain with all of your fishing gear in a single journey.

Regarded by many anglers as the best carp barrow it is even used by top fisherman Dave Lane. What I like most about the Juggernaut is the solid design and the fact it can carry an awful lot of weight and is still very maneouvrable.

With a thick steel frame it is probably the most rugged carp barrow available and can definitely handle the punishment that comes with regular use on rugged terrain.

The foldable design means it can be folded up and is quite compact and can easily fit in to the boot of a small car.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with any storage bags and these have to be bought separately.

TF Gear Banshee Barrow With Free Under Bag Compact and Lightweight
  • Low cost – high performance
  • Light yet dependably strong
  • Puncture resistant wheel
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Physical Weight - 10.5kg Load Capacity - 150kg

NGT Carp Fishing Barrow

NGT Carp Fishing Barrow

NGT are a brand known for making fishing gear that has a good mix of affordability and quality. The NGT Carp Fishing Barrow is a prime example of this and is a top choice for those not looking to spend premium prices for a good quality barrow.

What I like most about it is the option to use it as a one wheel or two wheel barrow. The wheels also come away from the chassis for easy storage, by simply removing two split pins the wheels can be fully detached. This is great for making it much easier to fit in your vehicle.

It comes with an extendable and height adjustable front bar that allows you to set it to the best height to accommodate your tackle. The foldable side bars also come in handy for when packing your gear to ensure it is secured firmly.

Underneath there is a removable under barrow storage bag for your smaller items.

All in all a great little barrow at a price that is affordable enough for most people.

NGT Carp Fishing Barrow Double or Single Wheel Trolley
  • Extendable and height adjustable front bar
  • Foldable side bars
  • Removable handles
  • Option to fit 1 or 2 wheels (short and long bar included)
  • Removable under barrow storage bag

TF Gear Trukka

TF Gear Trukka

The Trukka is another high-quality fishing barrow from TF Gear. Similar to the Juggernaut it has a heavy-duty frame that will give you years of usage.

It is a single wheeled barrow and the wheel is designed with traction on difficult muddy and wet terrain in mind.

It features long adjustable sides that give it the ability to carry a lot of tackle. When extended the sides go from 28 inches to 40 inches, making it ideal for larger items like bedchairs.

What I like most about the Trukka aside from its heavy-duty design and overall compactness is the fact it comes with 4 barrow bags. These include one large barrow bag, two medium and a deep pocket bag. Given that these would normally set you back quite a bit of money the Trukka offers excellent value.

With great traction, handling and a lot of room for your gear this is one of my favourite choices and I often recommend it in conversation when talking about fishing barrows.

TF Gear Banshee Barrow With Free Under Bag Compact and Lightweight
  • Low cost – high performance
  • Light yet dependably strong
  • Puncture resistant wheel
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Physical Weight - 10.5kg Load Capacity - 150kg

FoxHunter Folding Fishing Trolley

The Foxhunter is one of the best selling models and for a number of reasons. First of all it is very affordable and costs less than half the price of a TF Gear fishing barrow. In addition to being very affordable it is also designed with practicality in mind and has a very good degree of quality throughout.

With a 2 wheel design with deep tread pneumatic tyres it offers outstanding grip and performance.

It features a foldable frame and legs meaning it is very compact when not in use.

What I like most about it are the extendable rear legs these combined with the mood feet provide very good stability on the bank.

It also comes with a single storage bag which is a decent size.

FoxHunter Folding Fishing Trolley 1 One Pneumatic Wheel Barrow Cart Buggy with Legs...
  • Designed to be light and strong;
  • Single pneumatic tyre (removable);
  • Dismantles easily for minimum storage space;
  • No-slip padded handles;
  • Complete with free detachable barrow bag;

TF Gear Banshee Barrow

TF Gear Banshee Barrow

The Banshee by TF Gear is a compact yet light work-horse capable of shifting a large amount of fishing gear over rugged terrain. With very good feedback from previous customers it is well worth taking a serious look at.

It weighs only 10.5Kg yet has a maximum weight capacity of 150Kg. What I really like about it is the very robust and puncture proof wheel. If you have ever had a puncture while shifting your fishing gear to your swim you will understand just how annoying this can be, especially if you don’t have a puncture repair kit.

It features an extendable front bar has mood feet for stability and folds down to a very compact size fitting even in to the boot of a small car with ease.

There aren’t any side bars which is a positive and a negative depending on your preference. Due to the lack of side bars you can get a lot of gear on to it but then there is always the risk of it falling off if you hit a bump and lose your grip on the handles.

Underneath there is a single storage bag that is removeable and a very good size.

TF Gear Banshee Barrow With Free Under Bag Compact and Lightweight
  • Low cost – high performance
  • Light yet dependably strong
  • Puncture resistant wheel
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Physical Weight - 10.5kg Load Capacity - 150kg

Bison Heavy Duty One Wheel Fishing Barrow

Bison Heavy Duty One Wheel Fishing Barrow


The Bison heavy duty fishing barrow is another super affordable option with outstanding reviews from previous buyers. It has all the hallmarks of a top quality fishing barrow at a price that is hard to ignore.

With both a front bar and side bars it will keep your precious cargo firmly in place helping to ensure that it doesn’t come to any harm on the journey to your swim.

The single wheel is of course puncture proof and at 10 inches it is a good size leading to it having super thick tread marks that provide excellent grip on the muddiest of ground.

Both the frame and legs are foldable with the wheel being easily removable. All of these features means it takes up very little space in the boot of your car. The folded dimensions are 14cm x 60cm x 80cm.

It comes with a very large barrow bag and is probably one of the largest on any of the barrows to make it on to this list.

Overall a great barrow at an even better price!

Final Words

There you have it, my take on what I believe to be the best carp fishing barrows currently available.

In my top list I have tried to include models that cater for all budgets and needs so there really should be something in there for everyone.

If you think I have missed a model out that is worthy of a place on my top list, feel free to drop me a message in the comments section below. If I think it meets the standard of a top quality fishing barrow it may even get added to the list.

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