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Carp fishing is very much a waiting game and one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting a run is with using multiple rods. This does of course mean you need something to hold your rods while you eagerly wait for that bite. While many anglers opt for a traditional rod rest others prefer to use a rod pod.

With one rod pod capable of holding up to 3 rods and bite alarms you drastically improve your chances of catching a carp when compared to a single rod rest. There are of course both advantages and disadvantages to using a rod pod more of which we will go in to later.

In this guide we will be sharing everything you need to know about choosing the best rod pod for carp fishing. In addition I will also be sharing my view on what I think are the best rod pods currently available in my top five recommendations.

Features To Look Out For When Choosing A Carp Rod Pod

When choosing a rop pod there are a few factors to first take in to consideration. Understanding the following points will make it far more likely that you buy the best rod pod for your carp fishing needs.


The adjustability is an important factor when choosing a rod pod. You should ideally go for one that has both height and length adjustability as well as adjustable legs. This will allow you to set up on even the most uneven of ground.


For obvious reasons you will want a rod pod that is suitable for the size of the rod you are using. This allows you get the butt ring behind your alarm and still have the butt of your rod secured properly at the other end of the rod pod.


You would be forgiven for thinking that a rod pod should have some weight behind. As long as you can get the feet to sink firmly in to the ground there really isn’t any need for an overly heavy rod rod. Most people prefer lightweight pods as it reduces the weight you have to carry to your swim. With the materials available these days you can get extremely lightweight models that almost have the durability that you get with heavy-duty materials,


Most rod pods are made from aluminium although there are some that are made from stainless steel. Personally, I prefer the aluminium versions as they are lighter. The benefit of stainless steel is that it is stronger. For most people a good quality aluminium rod pod will suffice.

When it comes to the adjustable points you will find that they are made of either ABS plastic or brass for more expensive rod pods.


Like all fishing gear there are premium, mid price and budget options for you to look at. A top of the range rod pod made by a well-known fishing brand can cost £100 or more. A decent mid priced one will set you back about £60 to £70. Finally, there are rod pods for those on a budget, these typically cost about £30 to £40.

The budget options tend to be made from inferior material but this isn’t always the case. In my top list I have included options that cater for all budgets and have only included good quality products.

Rod Pod v Bank Sticks


Best Rod Pod For Carp Fishing – Top 5 Rod Pod Reviews

Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod

Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod


The Leeda Rogue 3-in-1 rod pod offers a very good mix of both quality and affordability. The main selling point of this very popular rod pod is the affordable price making it a top choice among those new to carp fishing and on a budget.

Designed for use with 3 carp rods it has many of the features and the look of a far more expensive rod pod. It has buzz bars at the front and back is light in weight but also very solid throughout.

Easy to set up and disassemble it also comes with a carry case that has enough room for your bite alarms.

The Leeda Rogue provides a stable rod platform even on an uneven swim. Overall a great value rod pod at a price that is hard to ignore.

LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod + Carrycase
  • Designed for use with up to 3 rods, the Leeda rod pod has many features and overall looks of more...
  • The Leeda rod pod can be used in a variety of ways to offer the best choice for anglers who fish a...
  • The Leeda rod pod includes the pod, buzz bars and also 8x10 inch single bank sticks, meaning it can...

JRC Contact Pod


The JRC Contact Square Pod is the only square framed rod pod to make it in to my top list. The square framed design is claimed by JRC to be more stable and robust than the standard tubular design used by the majority of pods.

Suitable for most styles of fishing it can be used in both rod pod mode and goal post style depending on your preference.

It features a height adjustment of 23cm to 41cm and length adjustment of 70cm to 125cm.

Suitable for use with 3 rods and with a countersunk screw system you can set your bite alarms up in the perfect position.

The overall weight is 2.8kg making it relatively lightweight and easy to carry.

JRC Unisex Contact Pod, Black, One Size
  • Lightweight but strong aluminium construction
  • Durable CAD-designed ABS parts in a non-glare black coating
  • Oversized cam lever for easy handling amd optimal force distrubtion
  • Padded transport case with room for alarms
  • Intelligent multiple leg splay and angle adjustment

New Direction Tackle 360 Rod Pod

New Direction Tackle 360 Rod Pod

The 360 Rod Pod by New Direction is one of the most innovative rod pods on the market.

The solid frame can be adjusted to any angle making it perfect for uneven banks and thanks to the folding system it uses it can be folded down to a very compact size.

Utilising directional nuts that allow you to rotate the buzz bars it is possible to have your rods point down towards the water or raised high to avoid weeds.

Another positive of the directional nut is that you can lock down the rod butt and your bite alarms. This stops your gear from been dragged in to the water by a monster carp.

The adjustability of the 360 rod pod is truly amazing making it one of the best I have seen in a long time.

New Direction Tackle 360 Rod Pod(3 Rods) for Carp Fishing
  • SOLID FRAMEWORK. You can change angle of Legs. ND Compact 360° Rod Pod offer single solution go...
  • MICRO STYLE. Adjustable length Frame and fold out 360° compact pod keeping the low profile.
  • 360° ANGLE ADAPTOR SYSTEM. You can change angle of Buzz Bars,The 360° system ensure stable rod set...
  • TWO FIXED BUZZ BARS. Fixed Buzz bars with Directional Nut
  • DIRECTIONAL NUT. Directional nut makes it easy to lock down your alarms or butt rests.

NGT Deluxe Cross Pod

NGT Deluxe Cross Rod Pod

The NGT Cross POD is one of a handful of rod pods by the NGT brand and it is easily my favourite of the lot.

This low profile model utilises the cross system giving it great stability on all types of terrain.

It is made from tubular aluminium and only weighs 2.4Kg. If you are worried that this might be too light you shouldn’t. I have used this rod pod numerous times and even the very worst weather has never unsettled my setup.

The spiked feet keep it firmly fixed to the ground and have no trouble penetrating hard ground in the summer months.

The height is fixed at 39cm and the length can be adjusted from between 78cm to 116cm.

It folds up to to be very compact and comes with a carry case for protection.

All in all a top quality rod pod by the NGT brand and one that I personally use myself from time to time.

  • Fully adjustable NGT 'Cross Pod' with deluxe case
  • Features include; aluminum profiled tubes, stable main body, front and rear adjustable 3 rod buzz...
  • Closed Length: 78cm, Max Length: 116cm, Fixed Height: 39cm

Fox Stalker

The Fox stalker is without doubt one of the best rod pods on the market. With versatility that you don’t get with many other rod pods it is perfect for anglers that like to fish at a lot of different spots with varied terrain.

What I like most about the Fox Stalker is the wide range of adjustability it has. The middle bar can be adjusted from 69cm to a very impressive 106cm and the height can be adjusted from a low of 23cm to a maximum height of 42.5cm.

It comes with both 2 and 3 buzz bars and the spiked legs provide a stable platform when pushed in to the ground.

Made from a aluminium composition and with all of the joints being reinforced it is very durable and will last for a long time if taken care of properly.

It also comes with a carry case.

Final Words

There you have it then my take on the best rod pods.

If you are looking for a top budget option it has to be the Leed Rogue as it offers a good mix of affordability and quality.

For overall top pick you can’t go wromg with the Fox Stalker, it might be a bit pricey but it is a great bit of kit.

Finally, for a rod pod in the mid price range I would definitely recommend buying the New Direction 360 Rod Pod due to the innovative features.

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