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For most fishermen their most prized possession are their rods and reels and with some fishing rods costing quite a lot of money, it makes sense to want to keep them in the best condition possible.

The best way to do this is with either a quiver or a good rod holdall. Even buying the best rod holdall available won’t set you back that much and in the long run they will save you from damaging your rods and the heartache that comes with doing this.

With the rod holdall market being full of different brands and models selecting the best carp rod holdall can be a tricky task. In my opinion you should be looking out for certain characteristics including it being made from a strong and durable material that is waterproof and ensuring it is able to accommodate all of your rods.

In this guide I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the top rod holdalls currently available. In my top list you will find models that cater to all budgets and rod requirements.

But first!

What To Look For When Buying The Best Rod Holdall

Before you purchase a rod holdall there are a few important factors to first consider. If you are new to carp fishing the following information will certainly help you to decide what it is you should be looking for when when choosing one that best suits your needs.

Rod Capacity and Size

Like most people when I first started fishing I only had the one rod. As time went by the amount of rods I have has increased dramatically and I now have at least five rods that I use regularly. Due to this and the fact that I like to take a few rods with me on my fishing trips I need a holdall that can accommodate my needs.

For me the best solution is a holdall that can carry three rods as this is typically the amount I use when carp fishing. If you only use a single rod then you should be looking at buying a single rod sleeve. In addition to holdalls I have included rod sleeves in my top list.

Another important factor is the length of the holdall/sleeve that you intend to buy. Obviously you don’t want to buy one that is too short to fit your rods in and on the other hand one that is too long can be a nuisance.

Made Up Rods or Unmade Rods

Many of us just can’t wait to get to the lake and cast our rods and the best way of being able to satisfy this urge is by having your rods made up and ready to go. If this sounds like you then you should be looking at rod holdalls that allow you to store made up rods and reels inside them. As you might of guessed this type of holdall is a bit bulkier than a standard one and they usually cost a little bit more.

Padding and Additional Storage

With the main purpose of a rod holdall being to protect your rods from damage you would assume that they would all have a lot of padding. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and is something you should be aware of when buying. A good rod holdall will be thickly padded have dividers between each rod and be made from a durable outer material.

In addition to rods many holdalls for fishing come with extra storage points. These pockets allow you to carry other fishing gear such as bank sticks and landing nets.

Best Carp Rod Holdalls

Fox R Series 12ft 3 Rod Holdall

Fox are well-known for producing a wide variety of fishing gear and the Fox R Series Holdall is a prime example of the brands quality.

Capable of holding 3 made and 3 unmade rods the Fox R series is perfect for those that like to improve their chances of landing a decent size carp by having plenty of rods on the bank side.

The outer material of the holdall is made of durable 400D polyester is waterproof and designed to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with regular usage. The inner material features a fully padded liner that offers plenty of protection for your rods.

With regards to the made and unmade rods there is a padded divider that runs the full length of the holdall and keeps them separated and protected. Offering additional protection the velcro securing straps help to keep your rods fixed firmly in their position.

The reel compartment is also fully padded offering the same superior protection for your reels. It is worth mentioning that the reel compartment is a decent size and easily capable of storing big pit reels.

With this being a premium holdall there are extra storage pockets for carrying other items of fishing gear. With 2 pockets of different sizes you are capable of carrying your bank sticks and landing net.

This holdall also comes with two padded carry handles and a fully padded shoulder strap which makes it very comfortable to carry.

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The Fox R series is without doubt worthy of being mentioned as one of the very best rod holdalls. It features extra thick padding is made of a strong durable material and comes in at a reasonable price.

If you have invested heavily in your carp rods it makes sense to protect that investment and the Fox R series is a holdall that is up to the job.

TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Holdall

Boasting plenty of padding and a lot of storage room is the Banshee Rod Holdall by the very popular carp fishing brand TF Gear.

Made from a heavy-duty material and padded throughout you can be certain that your rods and reels are fully protected when being carried in this holdall.

It has enough room for 3 made up and 3 unmade rods. The reel compartment can accommodate big pit reels and like the rod compartment it is heavily padded.

There are two side pockets that are both a good length and width. With these you can carry a lot of additional gear. I have managed to get my brolly, landing net and bank sticks in their without a problem. The brolly did of course hang out of the top of the pocket but nonetheless I got it in their.

On the inside there are the usual dividers between each rod and velcro straps to hold them securely in place.

In terms of carrying it the heavily padded shoulder strap is comfortable enough for when you have to walk some distance from your vehicle to the lake.

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Coming in at the mid price range the TF Gear Banshee has a good mix of both quality and affordability. It offers adequate protection for your rods and reels and I would have no concerns about using it for my more expensive rods.

NGT 3+3 Rod Holdall 

Deluxe NGT Padded 3+3 Carp Runner Fishing 12ft Rod Holdall Carry Case

If you are new to carp fishing then you probably aren’t to keen just yet on spending more than you have to on your equipment. If this is you then this holdall by NGT is a very good buy indeed.

Costing less than £20 it has all the features that you get with more expensive fishing holdalls but lacks the heavy padding and the protection that comes with them.

There is a divider that runs the full length of the holdall that helps to stop your rods from coming in to contact with each other and causing damage.

It has enough room to comfortably fit 3 made up and 3 unmade rods. The compartment that holds your reels features padded dividers to help protect your reels but again it is by no means heavily padded.

In terms of outer storage there is only the one pocket which is probably best used for storing your bank sticks.

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For those on a budget the NGT 3+3 Rod Holdall is definetley worth checking out. It doesn’t offer the same amount of protection that you get with more expensive holdalls, but that is to be expected.

Abode® Oxford 12FT 3 Rod Carp Fishing Holdall

The Adobe Oxford is another rod holdall that is capable of holding 3 made and 3 unmade rods for your carp fishing trip. It comes with a very affordable price tag and is great for those with a limited budget looking to buy a holdall that can accommodate plenty of rods reels and other essential gear.

It is made from durable 600D polyester with a PVC backing offering waterproof protection. It isn’t the most thickly padded of holdalls and I wouldn’t recommend it for those of you with an expensive rod collection.

In my opinion it is best suited for those with affordable rods and reels that don’t have to walk too far to get to their fishing spot.

On the outside there are several fairly large compartments that allow you to store your net pole, umbrella , bank stick and rod pods. There is even a compartment for you to fit your weigh sling in.

In terms of carrying it I would advise you to have your landing net pole with you as this helps to keep the holdall more rigid throughout. As with most hoildalls the shoulder strap is heavily padded and full adjustable. There is also a carry handle.

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Unfortunately, the Adobe Oxford isn’t the most heavily padded rod holdall, which is a shame as aside from that it is very good. What I like most about it are the many compartments that allow you to carry more gear than most of the more expensive rod holdalls that are available.

KOALA PRODUCTS® Abode® Oxford 12FT 3 Rod Carp Fishing Holdall
  • Can hold three rods made up and three unmade with a separator for each allowing for maximum...
  • External bank-stick rod pod compartment pocket.
  • External umbrella shelter compartment pocket.
  • Made from tough 600D polyester with PVC backing.
  • Dimensions: 190 x 30cm

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