Best Carp Rucksacks 2020

It doesn’t matter whether it is carp fishing, sea fishing or any other type of fishing for that matter, but one thing that is for certain is that you need to take quite a lot of gear with you on your fishing trip. For many this usually means buying a carryall to ferry their tackle around. Personally, I have always preferred a good carp fishing rucksack to store my rigs, bait, lines and everything else in.

The main benefit of a fishing rucksack over a carryall is that you can carry it on your back freeing up the hands for other essential items like your rod and fishing umbrella. They are also great and far more convenient for when you have to walk some distance to get to your fishing spot.

With so many rucksacks on the market finding the best carp rucksack can be a time consuming task. In this guide we will be taking a look at some of my favourite rucksacks currently available.

Top 6 Best Carp Rucksacks

1. NGT Carp Coarse Fishing Rucksack

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The NGT XPR multi-compartment rucksack is one of the most affordable options in our list and also one of the most popular. It comes in at a very reasonable price and offers a decent amount of space for storing your essential fishing gear.

In terms of design it is a lot more simpler looking than many of the options available. However, it does the job it is supposed to do nicely.

There are two main compartments and three side pockets for all of your fishing accessories. Each compartment and side pocket is fitted with a strong double zip for easy access.

The main compartment has a capacity of 32.8 litres and the top compartment comes in at 6.2 litres. For the two small side compartment the capacity is 2.4 litres and 6.7 for the front compartment.

Overall there is a 50.5 litre capacity making this carp fishing rucksack suitable for a day session or short fishing trips.

Internally there is some padding but it isn’t quite as heavily padded as some of the more expensive rucksacks. That been said the back of it is quite padded out as are the straps which is a positive. The bottom of the rucksack has a vinyl base which offers some internal waterproof protection.

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All in all the NGT XPR a top quality fishing rucksack with ample space and at an affordable price. It can be said that this isn’t the very best out of all the carp rucksacks available but it offers a good mix of quality and affordability which is probably why it is so popular.

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2. Roddarch Fishing Seat Box & Rucksack


Roddarch Fishing Seat Box & Rucksack

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Roddarch are known for producing a wide variety of fishing gear and accessories. The Roddarch Seat Box and Fishing Rucksack is in my opinion one of their best products.

What makes it so good is that it is a combination of both a rucksack and a tackle box that is also a seat. This highly versatile piece of fishing equipment is for the serious fisherman that is looking to minimise the amount of gear they have to take with them on fishing trips.

The seat box comes with four tackle boxes in the top section and features moveable dividers in the centre section ensuring that the space provided is used in the most efficient manner possible.

In total there is a 21 litre capacity in the seat box with 18 litres been allocated to the main section and 3 litres to the centre section.

Made from Durable ABS plastic it has a maximum user weight of 20 stone.

The rucksack is made from very strong RipStop nylon is waterproof and features a wide array of compartments and external pockets. With quick-release straps it can be easily released from the bag.


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In my opinion it is hard not to like the Roddarch Fishing Seat Box and Rucksack. Granted, it might not be as comfortable to carry as some of the other carp rucksacks on my list but when you get to your fishing spot you will be glad you have it. Doubling up as a tackle box and a seat it reduces the amount of gear you have to take with you and is very functional.

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3. Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing Rucksack


Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing Rucksack

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The Greys Prodigy Fishing Rucksack is perfectly designed for easy access and has plenty of room for all of your essential fishing gear.

The main part of the rucksack is made up of a large central compartment, a good sized insulated bait compartment and a shallow tackle section.

On each side there are small, medium and large pockets giving enough room for all of your smaller accessories and if that wasn’t enough there is also a large front pocket.

It is worth mentioning that this rucksack is designed for use with the Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base Box range in mind. That been said there is no reason why you can’t use other tackle boxes with it.

What I like most about it is the fact it can be fully unzipped and opens out so that you have full access to all of your gear. This enables you to access the 11 internal mesh pockets where you can choose to keep various items. This really is a great feature and something other rucksacks should be aiming towards.

In terms of comfort it features full padded back support, shoulder straps with thick padding and in combination with the adjustable waistband you can be certain it is comfortable to wear.

It also has various anchor points for attaching a unhooking mat.

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The saying you get what you pay for definitely applies here. This is one of the least affordable options but without doubt one of the best carp fishing rucksacks money can buy.

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Saber DPM Camo Rucksack


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The Saber brand have a number of rucksacks available to choose from but the Saber DPM is by far their most popular one and with good reason. With a very impressive 90 litre capacity you can certainly fit a lot of fishing gear in to this rucksack.

It comes with a very large main compartment that opens up to give easy access to all of your gear. When the rucksack is stood upright access can also be gained through the top as well.

The outer comes with six pockets of varied sizes and some even have mesh pockets built-in for extra storage capacity.

It comes with three neoprene carry handles and like all good fishing rucksacks it has heavily padded shoulder straps for comfort. There is also a waistband strap for additional comfort.

Although it isn’t fully waterproof on its own it does have a built-in PVC cover that can be easily unrolled for weather protection.

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With plenty of space the Saber DPM is suitable for carrying a lot of fishing gear. With a 90 litre capacity it might be a bit too big for a fishing session of only a few hours. With exellent feedback from previous buyers it comes highly recommended as a mid priced ruscksack for carp fishing.

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4. Lixada Fishing Tackle Backpack

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The Lixada Fishing Rucksack is a medium sized model that is well-suited for keeping all of your necessary fishing gear well organized.

Made from durable polyester it provides impressive strength and water resistant qualities, which also means you get a rucksack that will withstand regular use.

The main compartment isn’t quite as big as some of the others on the rucksacks already mentioned, leading to me suggesting it is best used for those shorter fishing trips.

The bottom compartment comes with four tackle boxes and is a decent size.

There are 5 medium sized outer pockets each with a double zip for easy access.

The shoulder straps are padded throughout and are fully adjustable. On the underside of the rucksack there are rugged base pads adding to durability.

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The Lixada is one of the best-selling fishing rucksacks and it comes with very good reviews from previous customers. I have personally owned one of these in the past and can confidently say it offers good value for money.

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5. Sonik SK-TEK Ruckbag

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The Sonik SK-Tek Ruckbag is a great little rucksack that doubles up nicely as a barrow bag. Made from a hardwearing and extremely durable camo material it is well designed for regular use.

For a compact rucksack it offers plenty of space. The pockets have been maximised to reduce wasted space and are the perfect size to use in conjunction with separately sold Sonik accessory bags.

What I like most about it is how thickly padded it is ensuring it offers maximum comfort. Another positive are the attached D-rings allowing you to attach equipment that you don’t have hands for carrying.

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If you do a lot of fishing then the durability of the Sonik SK-TEK is a good reason to buy it. With all of the key wear points being reinforced it is designed to satnd the test of time.

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Key Features To Consider When Choosing A Fishing Rucksack

Before buying a rucksack for fishing there are a few key features to be aware of. Knowing what to look for when buying will go a long way in helping you to find the best carp rucksack for both your needs and budget.





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