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Every fisherman loves to talk about the biggest fish they have caught and how much it weighed, which inevitably leads to stories of the monster fish that got away. As much as we all like to keep record of the weight of our best catches it is impossible to do so without a good set of fishing scales.

Personally, I prefer to use digital scales as opposed to traditional mechanical ones. In my opinion they are more accurate, compact and some even come with a built-in torch, which is great for when weighing your catch when night fishing.

In this guide I will be sharing my thoughts on what it is you should be looking for when choosing a set of digital scales as well as giving you my top recommendations for the best digital fishing scales.

Let’s take a look!

Choosing The Best Fishing Scales

Before choosing a set of digital scales there are a few things to first be aware of. Taking these points in to consideration will make it far more likely that you buy a suitable set of weighing scales first time around.

Weight Capacity

It is worth mentioning that not all scales are built equal in terms of the weight of the fish they can accurately weigh. For carp fishing I would recommend a set that can weigh at least up to 50lbs.

In my reviews you will find that all of the weighing scales included weigh up to at least this amount. After all it is no good catching a monster carp and not being able to weigh it.

T-Bar or Handle

Depending on how physically fit and strong you are you might be better off with a set of digital fishing scales with a T-Bar handle rather than an ordinary handle.

Scales with a T-Bar handle allow you to use both hands to lift the fish and weight it. A set of fish weighing scales with an ordinary handle don’t quite have as much room to allow you to use two hands. When you are catching carp in excess of 30lbs this may become a problem for some.


The price of fish weighing scales can vary from £10 for a cheap set to £50 or more for a top quality set. In many instances you are paying for quality and the brand name. However, this isn’t always the case and you can get some very good affordable scales from brands that are relatively unknown to most.

Best Digital Fishing Scales

Berkley Digital Fishing Scales

Berkley Digital Fishing Scale

These digital scales by the well-known brand Berkley feature an ergonomic design making them comfortable to hold when weighing fish up to a maximum weight of 50lbs.

In terms of features they can be used to weigh your prized catch in lbs, ounces or kilograms.

They also have an auto-save function that allows you to store up to 10 different weights and giving you an average weight of your last 10 cathces.

The outer body is of course waterproof and the overall design is compact and lightweight. Weiging only 181g they take up very little room in your rucksack.

Berkley are a popular brand and these are a good set of scales at a very reasonable price and come highly recommended.

Berkley Tec Tool 50 lb Digital Fish Scale
  • Stores and averages up to 10 weights in memory
  • Auto-save function automatically stores weight to memory
  • Ergonomic body design is comfortable and easy to hold while weighing fish
  • Water resistant construction
  • Display in lbs/oz or kg

Ultimate Angling 3 IN 1 Digital Fishing Scales

Ultimate Angling 3 IN 1 Digital Fishing Scales


Ultimate Angling have come up with what I believe are some of the best digital scales for weighing fish. At a price that offers great value for money you get a set of precise scales that can weigh in pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams.

What I really like about them is that they come with a weighing sling and the scales have a built-in torch. This can be used to find exactly where the hook is in the mouth of the carp you have caught or for when rummaging through your tackle box during the night.

Surprisingly they can weigh up to 110 lbs with an accuracy of 0.01lbs. Due to them being two-handed scales you won’t have to struggle if you are lucky enough to land a big carp.

Wychwood T-Bar Scales

Wychwood T-Bar Scales

Wychwood digital scales are the preferred scales for many carp anglers due to their overll accuracy and how robust they are. They weigh slightly more than most scales which is a sign of how well-built thay actually are.

Featuring a T-bar design and having a carabiner you simply have to attach your weighing sling to them and lift slowly to get a true reading.

Capable of weighing up to 60lbs in both pounds and kilograms they are well-suited for carp fish.

The digital display is backlit which makes for easy reading when night fishing and they also come with a fog screen protector for when fishing in foggy weather conditions.

What I really like about them is the ability of allowing you to store the weight of your catches.

Overall a great set of inexpensive scales with excellent build quality.

Wychwood - Carp Unisex's T-Bar Scales MK11 Fishing, Black, 60 lb
  • T-bar style scales
  • Lightweight and accurate
  • Back light
  • Memory function
  • Karabiner clip included

Korum Digital Scales

Korum are the brand behind these very robust looking digital fishing scales. The padlock looking design makes them easy to handle and weigh your catch, which is a must considering they can weigh accurately up to 80lbs.

The brightly lit digital display can display weights in both the imperial or metric scale. To protect them when not in use they come with a water resistant neoprene case.

Overall a very solid set of scales from a well-known brand and at a great price.

NGT XPR T-Bar Scales

NGT XPR T-Bar Scales

These scales by NGT are my favourite digital scales and are what I take with me on my fishing trips. They have all the features that you should expect to get with the best digital scales for fishing.

With them you can accurately weigh up to 50kg, which is equivelant to 110 lbs. This I am sure you will agree is an impressive amount and more than enough for carp fishing.

The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and good grip. Also the LCD display is a good size and clearly shows the weight.

In addition to the scales there is also a sling included with the purchase price.

Overall a decent set of fishing scales at a good price.

  • Large LCD Screen
  • Displays in lbs and kg
  • Auto shut off after 60 seconds
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 24.5 x 15.5cm

Digital v Mechanical

For many this is the biggest decision when choosing a set of scales and to be honest both sets have there own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

If you prefer to read a dial than the numbers on a LCD screen then you will be better off with a mechanical scales. Personally, I prefer digital scales due to the LCD screen which is backlit making it easier to read when night fishing.

The downside of digital scales of course is that they can be damaged by water and when you are fishing there tends to be a lot of the stuff about.

Either way both are good on their own merit and thescales you go for has a lot to do with personal preference.

If after reading this you have realised you would be better off with a pair of traditional mechanical scales you can find the one I recommend below.

Korda Scales

If after reading all of the above and you have realised that you would much rather prefer a set of traditional mechanical scales then I would recommend these ones by Korda.

Korda haae been making scales for over 25 years and are considered to be one of the best brands for mechanical fishing scales.

These particular ones are as robust as they come and designed to last. There is the option of buying the 60lbs or 120lbs scales, obviously the 60lbs ones will be more than enough for carp fishing.

The only downside to them is that they only weigh in 2oz divisions making them not quite as accurate as digital scales.

Final Words

There you have it my take on what I believe to be the best digital scales for carp fishing.

For the overall best I would recommend the NGT XPR T-Bar scales.

Coming in a close second are the 3 in 1 digital scales by Ultimate Angling. These are very affordable and with the included torch function they are a great piece of kit, they also come with a weigh sling and are very accurate.

If you are just looking to buy an affordable set of scales that does the job then it would have to be the Berkley Fishing Scales.

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